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Regional medical tourism conference opens next Sunday
02 December 2012
A regional conference, which opens next Sunday, will bring together decision makers from different parts of the world to discuss ways to improve the attractiveness of Jordan as a medical tourism hub.

Participants at the second regional medical tourism conference, organised by the Jordan Tourism Board (JTB), will address means to provide healthcare seekers with quality services, organisers said Sunday.

The focus of the two-day event is to ensure that people who leave their countries to come to Jordan for treatment feel they have made “the right decision”, according to organisers.

With an average of 200,000 patients visiting Jordan annually, priority should be given to medical tourism, which generates more than $1 billion in revenues, JTB Director General Abed Al Razzaq Arabiyat said.

During a press conference to announce the activities of the event, he underlined the JTB’s commitment to cooperate with all sectors to promote medical tourism in Arab and international markets through conferences and exhibitions.

“We have collaborated with the Ministry of Health and private hospitals to carry out promotional and marketing activities pertaining to medical tourism that targeted the US, the UK, Russia, Germany and Gulf countries,” Arabiyat said.

He noted that the medical sector has made strides over the past years, both in the quality of infrastructure and equipment and in the competence of doctors.

However, the JTB director underlined the need to enact medical liability legislation to encourage more patients from Europe and the US to come to Jordan for medical treatment.

He added that participants at the event will also draw up mechanisms needed to establish a regional task force responsible for developing medical tourism and encouraging partnerships in the area.

More than 200 representatives of tourism, medical and pharmaceutical sectors will take part in the conference, which will be held on the shores of the Dead Sea.

Decision makers from the UK, Austria, Russia and Germany, in addition to representatives of major Arab and foreign tourism agencies will also take part, according to Ayman Arikat, CEO of the Pioneers Road Group, which is organising the conference.
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