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With its reputation as the regional peacemaker, Jordan has hosted many high-level political and corporate meetings and conferences. Its facilities are second to none, with excellent hotels and purpose-built conference centres, all equipped with the very latest amenities needed to hold a successful event.

The Dead Sea is becoming an increasingly popular location for business meetings, conferences and incentives, and the main hotels offer some of the best facilities available in Jordan.

All of Jordan's stunning locations provide plenty of scope for unusual, challenging and unforgettable incentive activities – from floating in the buoyant waters of the Dead Sea and exploring the vibrant underwater life of the Red Sea, to the breathtaking desert experience.

The Dead Sea's extreme salinity and location, 400m below sea level, has created one of the world’s most unique environments. Pride of place goes to the incredible experience of floating in the Dead Sea – it is quite literally impossible to sink thanks to the water’s buoyancy, and the water’s properties have been mentioned and chronicled as far back as the Ancient Greek and Roman civilizations.

For incentive groups, the floating experience and treks around the neighbouring landscape offers excellent opportunities for outdoor adventure. However, the Dead Sea also has another huge attraction – the healing nature of the waters and the black Dead Sea mud. For thousands of years the healing powers of the Dead Sea and the local climate have been recognized. In past times, the Egyptians used to make cosmetic products of the minerals,while the Romans treated their wounded soldiers there. Today, the Dead Sea attracts over 800,000 visitors every year, with the majority sampling at least one therapeutic spa treatment.

For incentive groups looking for a spa experience, then a trip to the Dead Sea is essential. Three five-star resorts, the Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea, the Mövenpick Spa Resort, and the Jordan Valley Marriott Resort and Spa offer fully-equipped spas (including the internationally award-winning Zara Spa at the Mövenpick, Anantara Spa at the Kempinski Ishtar, and the Spa at the Marriot) that allow guests to enjoy numerous beauty and relaxation therapies using the mud and waters from the Dead Sea.

Another that is popular is the four-star Dead Sea Spa Hotel, home to the well-known Dead Sea Medical Center, created in 1989 and headed by a German dermatologist. The Dead Sea Medical Center is certified by the Jordanian Ministry of Health and the Jordanian chamber of Physicians for the treatment of skin complaints, physical therapy and rehabilitation, and offers more medical than purely aesthetic therapies.

King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Centre managed by Hilton


The King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Centre managed by Hilton on The Dead Sea coast.

Nestled in the heart of the Dead Sea area,King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Centre's managed by Hilton state-of-the-art facilities are the perfect place for meetings of any size or occasion.

The Centre is managed by the Hilton, and has hosted major conferences for the World Economic Forum, the International Monetary Fund, and the United Nations, the Centre can host as many as 3,000 guests, yet at the same time cater to workshops and meetings of 50 guests.

With 25 fully-equipped conference and meeting halls that vary in size and capacity, the centre is able to accommodate numerous events with different requirements simultaneously.

The Centre is part architectural showpiece, part modern art sculpture, and all business. Whether your meeting plans involve hundreds of employees or thousands of guests, the Centre’s three-story building can give everyone plenty of comfortable space. Located in the lowest point on earth, the centre offers on-site parking and business services, all within easy walking distance of the major five-star hotels.

King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Centre managed by Hilton
Tel: +962-6-5563012
Fax: +962-6-5563013

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The curative properties of the Dead Sea have been recognized since the days of Herod the Great over 2,000 years ago.

Nestled in the heart of the Dead Sea area, the King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Centre's state-of-the-art facilities are the perfect place for meetings of any size or occasion.

Because of its extremely high content of salt and other minerals, the Dead Sea is devoid of plant and animal life.

The warm, low altitude, high oxygen atmosphere of the Dead Sea area has been shown to help heart surgery patients. Patients who have spent up to three weeks at the Dead Sea resort prior to bypass surgery are shown to have less post-surgery complications, such as diastolic stiffness and dysfunction.

The benefits of the Dead Sea’s minerals - Calcium clarifies the skin surface and relieves pain, Sodium balances the skin pH, Chlorine is a natural antiseptic that boosts the skin's protective layer and reduces swelling, Magnesium enhances functioning of skin metabolism, facilitates breathing and protects against allergies, Bromine is a muscle relaxant, Potassium regulates the body's water balance, Iodine improves thyroid health and cell metabolism, and Sulphur detoxifies and stimulates the metabolism.