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Aqaba and its environs provide plenty of scope for creative and lively incentives. Primarily, there is the Red Sea itself, which offers an underwater world of diving experiences. Dive boats and full equipment can he hired for one-day or overnight trips during which delegates have the opportunity to explore the spectacular coral reefs, discover the delights of wreck diving and experience the strange and wonderful world of Aqaba’s undersea nightlife. There are plenty of challenging activities topside too, with sailing, windsurfing, waterskiing, and parascending.

The Jordan Experience


The Jordan Experience at Aqaba.

No visit to Aqaba is complete without the Jordan Experience especially if you are constrained in your time schedule and can’t visit all of Jordan’s majestic destinations in person. Located in a complex of white-arched pavilions around an artificial lagoon adjacent to the Royal Yacht Club, the Jordan Experience is a 3D Imax-like movie theatre.

Equipped with one big screen in the middle and two smaller screens on both sides, the theater takes you on a 25-minute flight to Jordan's natural and cultural treasures: From the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea, through the Siq of Petra, to the canyons of Wadi Rum from where Lawrence of Arabia and Sheikh Sharif Hussein led the World War I attack on Aqaba, which was then a fortified Ottoman port.
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Riding in nearby Wadi Rum makes a great day excursion for groups.

Aqaba is also an ideal base for incentive activities such as 4x4 safaris, horseback riding, camel trekking, hiking, climbing and the many other desert experiences, including hot air ballooning, that can easily be organized in Wadi Rum, which is just a short drive away. Nearby too, is Petra. Here, corporate high achievers can take on the role of Indiana Jones and discover the trails of the ancient Nabataeans, explore their extraordinary tombs and temples and dine under the stars in an exotic Bedouin-style experience. Not far from Petra is the mighty castle of Showbak, where there are ramparts to walk, dungeons to discover and battles to be won. Some great incentive events can be organized here. The Dana Biosphere Reserve is just a couple of hours drive from Aqaba. This is a world of natural treasures which extend, in a series of valleys, from the top of the Rift Valley mountains down to the desert lowlands of Wadi Araba - a great place for hiking and exploration. Aqaba's five-star hotels feature conference and ballrooms that can cater to several types of events for you and your group. What better way is there to host an event with the Red Sea being only metres away?

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Aqaba's reef is alive with untold variety in its coral and fish. Common species are branch coral, fungia and montipora, and the rare archelia, a black, tree-like specimen found at great depths and first discovered by King Hussein himself.

The Mameluk Fort, one of the main historical landmarks of Aqaba, was originally a Crusader Castle. It was rebuilt by the Mameluks in the 16th century. Square in shape and flanked by semicircular towers, the fort is marked with various inscriptions marking the latter period of the Islamic dynasty.

The city of Aqaba is situated at the most southern part of Jordan and lies on the most northern tip of the Red Sea, on a clear day you can see Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

An economic 'Free Zone' was established in Aqaba in August 2000. It covers one million square metres, although an additional 2.5 million sq. m. has been allocated for the purpose of establishing industrial projects. Goods traded in the Free Zone are exempt of duty. For more information please visit