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Not far from Ajlun is the tomb of the venerable companion Ikrimah bin Abi Jahal. One of Prophet Mohammed's (PBUH) bitterest enemies until he embraced Islam, he later distinguished himself by contributing to the spread of Islam. Martyred in the Battle of Yarmouk, he also took part in the wars of Apostasy and the conquest of Syria.

Also in Ajlun is a shrine for Al-Khadir (St. George). While not a prophet, St. George was a righteous worshipper and a popular saint. He has many shrines in Jordan as a number of miracles were revealed through him. His famous story with Prophet Moses can be found in the Holy Qur'an.

Other nearby sites include the birthplace of the Prophet Elijah at Listib and the Church of St Elijah at Khirbet Mar Elias.


In Anjara, in the north of Jordan, there is the Our Lady of the Mountain Church - a rebuilt cave that is venerated as a place where Jesus and his mother Mary passed during their journeys between the Sea of Galilee. Anjara was designated by the Vatican as a Millenium 2000 pilgrimage site.

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From the top of the castle, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the Jordan Valley.

During the Mameluk rule, Qal'at Ar-Rabad was one of a network of beacons and pigeon posts that allowed messages to be transmitted from Damascus to Cairo in just 12 hours!

Ajlun Castle protected the communication routes between south Jordan and Syria, and was one of a chain of forts, which lit beacons at night to pass signals from the Euphrates as far as Cairo.

The castle is one of the best preserved and most complete examples of medieval Arab-Islamic military architecture.