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By car or taxi from Amman:
From Amman, head south. You can either take the Desert Highway (approximately 130kms from Amman/2 hours drive) or you can take the more scenic King’s highway or Dead Sea road.

By Service Taxi:
Take a taxi from Al-Abdali station. The taxi trips are not scheduled - the service taxis start their trips as soon as they have a full passenger load.

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The best-preserved halls and passageways are located underground and can only be reached through a massive door.

Ridley Scot's recent Hollywood blockbuster, 'The Kingdom of Heaven' starring Orlando Bloom, has numerous scenes based in and around the crusader castle at Karak, although the castle itself was not used during filming.

While it could hardly be described as beautiful, Karak is an impressive example of the Crusaders' architectural military genius.

The city of Karak was the ancient capital of Moab. During Roman times it was known as Characmoba.