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As can be expected from a seaside resort, fresh fish is exceptionally good in Aqaba and there are several seafood restaurants within the town. Apart from the places offering excellent Arabic dishes, there are several restaurants serving all types of international cuisine from around the world.

All the main hotels have independent restaurants and cafes, which serve a good selection of international and local cuisine.

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Food is a very important part of the Arab culture and is used to express friendship, generosity and hospitality. Jordanians are proud to invite visitors into their homes, no matter how modest their means. If you are lucky enough to be invited, you are not expected to bring anything, but you are expected to eat everything!

Visitors who take the time to learn and experiment with Jordan’s excellent cuisine will quickly be rewarded with many wonderful surprises. Arabic food can rival any international gastronomy for originality and good taste and, because it comprises wholesome and easily digested ingredients, it ranks highly in nutritional value and is ideal for today's health-conscious society.