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The Dead Sea is a popular day trip from Amman and many Jordanians go there on a Friday.

By Bus:
Alpha Daily Tours (Tel. (06) 5855196): Organize a full day tour that includes lunch, pool and beach facilities. Departure is from Alpha Terminal 7th Circle in Amman. The bus leaves at 7 am daily to the Dead Sea. Click here for more information.

Dead Sea Hotel Resorts & Spas:
The Dead Sea is less than an hour's drive from Amman heading West and is clearly sign-posted throughout the journey.

Wadi Mujib Nature Reserve:
Drive about 30km south of the main Hotel Resort area along the coast, until you reach the Mujib Bridge, where a small Nature Reserve office is located. It is advisable to call in advance.

For more information and booking at Wadi Mujib please contact Wild Jordan: Tel +962-6-4616523, Fax +962-6-4633657,

Lot's Cave:
Travel South along the coast road, past the Mujib Bridge until you reach 'Safi', then follow the signs to your left.

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The curative properties of the Dead Sea have been recognized since the days of Herod the Great over 2,000 years ago.

The Dead Sea is 80km (50 miles) long, approximately 14km (9 miles) wide. The northern and larger part is very deep, reaching at one point a depth of 430m (1320 feet). The southern bay is, on the contrary, very shallow, averaging hardly a depth of 4m (13 feet).

The water level of the Dead Sea is dropping by about a 30cm (1 foot) per year. It is being diverted by Israel and Jordan for industry, agriculture and household use. Scientists predict that the sea may be dried up by the year 2050.