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How to get there


Wadi Rum makes a perfect combination before or after a visit to Dana, Petra or Aqaba.

By car or taxi:
From Amman, head south on the Desert Highway or the more scenic Kings' Highway. Allow around 4 hours for the journey if travelling on the Desert Highway or 6 hours travelling on the Kings' Highway.

From Aqaba, head north, the journey time is less than one hour.

By minibus:
There are a few minibus rides per day from Aqaba and Wadi Musa (Petra). For further information inquire at the local minibus station.

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A traditional Bedouin coffee ceremony involves 3 cups of coffee - one for the soul, one for the sword, and one because you are a guest...If you ask for a fourth you’re being greedy!

At the Wadi Rum Rest House, you can hire a local Bedouin guide who will offer you either a 4x4 vehicle or, for the more adventurous, a camel ride to explore the area. Prices are displayed at the Visitors' Centre.

Tel: +962 3 2090600
Fax: +962 3 2032586